About Us

It is impossible to overstate the positive impression Aster makes on everyone who meets her. She is a kind, gentle woman whose intelligence and humor reveal themselves in her lively curiosity and appreciation for the experiences she enjoyed while studying in the US. When Aster's husband, Petros Solomon, and his colleagues were arrested in 2001 Aster's friends came together formally as Friends of Aster to support her in her struggle to cope with her husband's arrest and reunite her family.

First Aster was our friend; then she became our sister; now she is our teacher. Aster continues to teach us the meaning of sacrifice and the value of friendship. We have learned about the small African nation in the Horn of Africa, its 30-year struggle for independence from Ethiopia and its ongoing struggle to become a democracy. Because of Aster we have become human rights activists and now work with Amnesty International, the Unitarian Universalist Service Committee and our elected officials. We honor our friend by sharing her story, raising awareness of the country she dearly loves and the Eritrean peoples' need for friendship and democratic reform.